Use your Champ Change from TRIO Events!

The more you engage, the more you can get!

As a TRIO Scholar, you receive Champ Change for utilizing the TRIO offices and participating in TRIO events. We want to give you the opportunity to use those points and reward your engagement, by allowing you to purchase items to support you.

  • You receive 700 points for each event you attend (check-ins, speakers, and rec nights)
  • You receive 700 points for visiting the TRiO Offices for at least 30 min (once per day)
  • Basically, each engagement equals 700 points
  • You receive TRiO Champ Change cash to save and use for the TRiO "Buy Now" only
  • You still receive normal Champ Change to use for MSU Champ Change auctions as well, when you swipe your Cat Card (you essentially receive double the points)
Pricing Guide:
Item Amount


1,400 points
Highlighter Set 3,500 points
TRIO Sticky Notes w/ Leather Box 7,000 points
Headphones 7,000 points
$10 Bookstore Gift Card 7,000 points
Jump Drive 9,100 points
Backpack 21,000 points
Exercise Class Pass 21,000 points
GRE Prep Workbook 21,000 points