TRiO scholars in front of the Hyalite Pavilion at the Hyalite Reservoir with a small lake and mountains in the background

Program Mission

The TRIO student Support Services Mentoring Program at Montana State University - Bozeman is committed to increasing academic achievement and life satisfaction for TRIO scholars. This is accomplished by providing holistic and individualized support services that maximize students' innate abilities and draw upon available resources within, and outside of, the university to benefit students, families and the larger community. The TRIO Peer Mentoring Program matches its scholars with high-achieving upper division TRIO Scholars to be a resource to guide them through the first academic year.

Program Goals

  1. Increase retention and graduation rate of scholars.
  2. Increase resilience, positive outlook, and growth mindset in scholars.
  3. Teach and develop leadership, communication, and professional skills in its mentors and mentees.
  4. Create a community of student leaders who can advocate for their experiences, employ their agency, and effectively transmit experience knowledge to peers.
  5. Coordinate and collaborate with MSU programs to ensure scholars receive a supported and well-rounded educational experience.
  6. Inform the educational community of best practices and strategies that can be scaled to the greater campus setting.