Mission Statement

We manage the University property assets in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

About Us

We deliver quality, cost-effective services in a positive, professional, ethical and timely manner. Please see our Asset Management Training.

Removal or Disposal of Property

Under $5000 - Surplus Property

This is the form link to use if you need surplus pick-up of disposal of property that is not electronic waste or capital assets.  Please be very specific on the items which need to be removed and if they can be disposed of or are surplus property.  Please specify the place of pick-up and number of items. This is typically a departmental expense for removal of departmental furniture/equipment other than electronics.

Over $5000 - Capital Assets

This is the form link to use when an item needing to be picked-up is over $5000 in value and has an asset tag on it.  This includes anything that is electronic and over $5000 with an asset tag.

Under $5000 - E-Scrap Pick-up

This form link should be used to request a pick-up of electronic waste. This typically includes TVs, Monitors, Laptops, Plasmas, LCDs, Printers, Faxes, Cell Phones, Key Boards, Mice, Stereo Equipment, Network Equipment, servers, Telecom Equipment, DVD Players, Copy Machines, All Business/Office Electronics, Batteries, Microwaves, Projectors, etc.  If the item is over $5000 value please use the Capital removal request above.