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No, you are not required to use Argos. Contact your MTL to help you determine the best reporting tool for your needs. See MTL contact info in left sidebar.

No, Argos is not an application development tool and has not been implemented to replace Apex and MS Access.

The Argos applications use IT security best practices and conform with all of MSU's security requirements. The applications include the Web-based Argos Web Viewer, which uses an SSL connection to encrypt communication between it and the browser, and the client/server version which is not Web-based. All of MSU reports have been developed for the client/server version.

Getting Started

Start by contacting your MTL and reviewing the Evisions site.

See MTL contact info in left sidebar.

If you have questions about whether you should be a Report Writer or DataBlock Designer in Argos, please contact your MTL for guidance on the specific knowledge/skills you will need.

Yes, it is. Review the Evisions training site and discuss your desire for training with your supervisor and MTL.

See MTL contact info in left sidebar

To eliminate the possibility that something is wrong with your password, please go to your campus My Profile page and reset your NetID password.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact your MTL.

What Can Argos Do?

Yes, Argos can report from multiple data sources. When a dashboard is created it is given a default connection (e.g. Banner), however each object within the dashboard can override this allowing for a different connection to be chosen (e.g. DegreeWorks). The data from an object that has one connection can then be used when executing an object using a different connection.

Yes, Argos can generate PDF documents that can be attached to an email or printed and mailed. Output can also be presented via the Web browser either publicly or within MyInfo requiring authentication if needed.

Yes. Using charting, a user can select the chart or element within the chart and drive another form to show using the data that was selected by the user in the original chart.

No. Argos is not a SQL development tool. We recommend using SQL Developer or a similar tool.