MSU added a secondary DocuSign Account called “MSU Bozeman SUB 1 for PII “, in which the primary difference to the MSU Production Account is that DocuSign attachments to the completed envelope notifications are turned off for all envelopes.  Therefore, no attachments are sent upon envelope completion to either the Sender or any envelope Recipients. This account difference aligns with our MSU Security policies regarding using email for PII or FERPA protected data. 

In order to utilize the Sub Account, existing Users in the Production environment need to be replicated to the Sub Account by a DocuSign Admin.  Please use the DocuSign Powerform link below to make that request for you and any individuals who need access to the Sub Account. As the Submitter you can add a Comment as well indicating the level of permissions or other special requests needed on the sub account new Users.

Add Users to MSU Sub Account for PII