Enroll your Mac or iMac

  1. go to Enroll your Mac in Jamf
    1. select the your department or generic link. (Do not close this tab. You will use it later in following steps)
    2. Click Continue to download and install the CA Certificate
  2. On your device, click Continue
    1. Click Install
    2. Close the Profiles window once you see the CA Certificate in the User Profiles section
  3. Return back to your tab for montanabzn.jamfcloud.com/enroll
    1. Click Continue 
    2. Click Keep MDM Profiles mobile configuration and install.
  4. On your device, click Install (Are you sure you want to install "MDM Profiles"?
    1. Click Install again (Another are you sure you want to install "MDM Profiles"? box)
    2. You will be asked for Administrative login to complete this installation. 
    3. You should see 6 device profiles installed
  5. Once the Self Service app displays, you are complete.

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Book for guide PDF with step by step instructions
Step 1 of 2: Install CA Certificate
Step 2 of 2: Install MDM Profiles