Bullseye target icon. Project Goals

Modernize the technology, mobile-first capability, and user experience for the ERP Banner environment across all four MSU campuses


Responsible Accountable Consult Inform
  • UIT Enterprise Services Group
  • UIT Infrastructure Team
  • ERP Operations Team

Tim Capps

  • Business Unit Team Testing
  • UIT User Services
  • VP for Information Technology
  • IT Community

 Alignment to MSU Strategic Plan

1. Access – enabling improved technology for students.

2. Stewardship – properly managing technology assets.

3. Engagement - through improved user experience, providing an enhanced learning experience.


Operational Benefits:     The MyInfo Upgrade provides strategic value to the institution by meeting four distinct educational drivers: 

  1. Student success
  2. Constituent experience
  3. Institutional growth
  4. Operational efficiency

The MyInfo Upgrade seeks to modernize the ERP system, providing efficiency in the technology architecture by preparing us to be cloud-ready.  Banner 9 provides a modern user experience for easier navigation, is mobile-friendly, adds a new configuration with extensibility tools, and provides mobility for broader access across the institution.

ROI: In addition to improved user experience, the Banner 9 technology stack enables a quicker time-to-deployment for technology teams, provides improved and broadened functionality for a broad range of MyInfo applications and potentially reduces long-term support costs. New capabilities include functionality such as improved student registration, employee management tools, and enterprise communications, etc.


Milestone / Work Status Completion Date
Install Banner 9 Infrastructure Completed  
Create Project Plan In Progress  
Creat Communication plan In Progress  
Finance Team Tests New Pages In Progress  
Finance Team Completes Testing Not Started  
Finance Pages GO LIVE Not Started  
Financial Aid Team Tests New Pages In Progress  
Financial Aid Team Completes Testing Not Started  
Financial Aid Pages GO LIVE Not Started  
Human Resources Team Test New Pages In Progress  
Human Resources Team Completes Testing Not Started  
Human Resources Pages GO LIVE Not Started  
Student Team Test New Pages In Progress  
Student Team Completes Testing Not Started  
Student Pages GO LIVE Not Started  
Testing of Personal Information Tab In Progress  
Personal Information Tab Testing Complete Not Started  
Personal Information Tab GO LIVE Not Started