MyInfo Page Name MyInfo Page Description Date Page Upgraded
Student Profile Consolidates a student’s information and academic progress in one view. Dec. 6, 2021
Advisor Profile Advisors share the same view as Student Profile, allowing for truly personalized advice to help students make better academic decisions. Dec. 6, 2021
Class List Allows faculty members review their students’ academic profiles and schedules, communicate with students over email, print & export class rosters, and more. They can also view any students in the waitlist for a class if one exists. Dec. 6, 2021
Faculty Grade Entry Offers faculty members a new mobile friendly interface for entering final and incomplete grades. To make things even easier, faculty members can also import grades directly from their existing spreadsheets. Templates with required columns can also be exported from the page. Dec. 6, 2021

Finance Services


My Finance - landing page for different finance self-service applications.

My Finance Query - query Banner finance data or save dashboards with summarized charts or amounts for quick reporting.


Approve Documents - approve Banner finance documents such as invoices or journals that touch the approval queue.


Delete Finance Template - only accessible to a few people with higher privileges, used to manage the saved templates for My Finance Query that people create.

Dec. 6, 2021
Financial Aid Student financial aid information including award offer, payment schedule, documentation requirements, eligibility status, communications from Financial Aid Office, and federal disclosures. Dec. 6, 2021