How to Forward your phone


Telephone Services provides University administrative telephone service to MSU faculty and staff. Faculty and staff arrange for telephone service through their department's telephone coordinator.

Phone Billing Change 

Effective September 1, 2018,  phone line and long-distance charges will combined under a new flat rate of $11 dollars per month.

For more information, please refer to the memo: Notice of Combined Telephone Line & Long-Distance Charge.

Request a service

Please use the Telephone & Network Service Request  [TNSR] form to request any of the following services or equipment:


  • Activate network data jack
  • Disconnect service (phone, voicemail, data)
  • Make directory additions or changes
  • Move existing phone
  • Order new phone service
  • Order equipment (phones, headsets, cords and cables)
  • Order voicemail
  • Upgrade an existing service

For large wiring projects or estimates on any wiring job please contact Cindy Tirrell ([email protected]).


Report a phone issue


Please use the Telephone Problem Report Form to report a phone issue.

A technician will be dispatched within 4 hours.