MSU's new Cisco VoIP phones use Cisco Unity Connection voicemail.  After upgrading to the VoIP system follow the instructions below to access and set up your voicemail.

New terms:

Connection ID = your desk phone's extension (usually)

Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) = new Cisco voicemail web site

Sign into Cisco PCA with NetID and NetID password.


Voicemail Access and Keyboard Shortcuts - printable PDF

Access voicemail from phone

When you access your new Cisco voicemail for the first time you'll use 0211 for PIN after which you'll be prompted to set a new PIN. 

From work phone:

  1. Press Message button or dial 6060.

  2. Press 0211* for PIN 

  3. Follow prompts to set new PIN, record greetings, etc.

From off-campus phone: 

During the pilot, early adopters can access voicemail by:

  1. Dial your work phone's extension (for example: 994-5096).
  2. Wait for voicemail to answer, and then press * to listen to messages.
  3. Enter your extension (ID) followed by #. 
  4. Enter your PIN (default is 0211) followed by #.

After migration to the new phone system is complete (sometime in mid-2019),  all users will be able to dial 994-6060 to access their voice messages from an off-campus phone.  Until then, dialing 994-6060 from off campus to access email will only work for users still on the old phone system.

*0211 is the default first-time password. 

Access voicemail via web

This connection requires a VPN connection

  1. Go to the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant at:
  2. Sign in with NetID and NetID password.
  3. Click Web Inbox to view messages.

To change preferences, change PIN, etc. click Message Assistant link and select approrpriate menu.



Main Menu and Shortcut Keys:


Key(s) Action
1 Play new messages
2 Send a message
3 Review old messages
4 Change setup options
41 Change greetings
412 Turn on/off alternate greeting
421 Change message notification
423 Choose full or brief menus
44 Change transfer settings
5 Find messages
51 Find messages from a user
52 Find messages from all outside callers
53 Find messages from a specific outside caller



During Message Menu

Whlie listening to message, press:

Key(s) Action
1 Repeat message
2 Save
3 Delete

Slow playback

(for a psychedelic affect)

65 Change volume
66 Fast playback
7 Rewind
8 Pause/Resume
9 Fast-forward

After Message Menu

After listening to message, press:

Key(s) Action
1 Repeat message
15 Play message properties
2 Save
3 Delete


42 Reply to all

Call the sender

5 Forward message
6 Save as new
68 Send to fax machine for printing
7 Rewind
# Save as is



Entering Recipients

To change entry mode: press: 

Key(s) Action
## Switch between addressing a message by name and addressing by extension

Selecting Recipients

To select recipients from a list, press:

Key(s) Action
0 Help
1 Repeat name
7 Previous name
77 First name in list
9 Next name
99 Last name in list
# Select name
* Exit list

Send Message Menu

After addressing and recording, press:

Key(s) Action
1 Mark Urgent
2 Request return receipt
3 Mark private
4 Request future delivery
5 Review recording
6 Rerecord
7 Add to recording
91 Add a recipient
92 Play all recipients (and delete recipients)
# Send message
* Cancel message