The Unified Communications (UC) project replaces MSU's existing telephone system with a new system using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  This technology will allow telephone calls (aka "voice data") to be routed over the same network MSU already uses for data. The migration of campus phones, including fax lines, will take place until February 28 2022.

If you have a fax line for your department, please complete this form in order that we can properly move your fax line to the new system and avoid any disruption of service.

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Project Benefits

  • One network to support for network and data.
  • Departments able to move their own phones to new locations (without need to make a request) 
  • Enhanced functionality of voicemail, conferencing, contact center, etc. 
  • Reduction of annual system maintenance costs  ~$100,000 
  • Reductions of physical plant expenditure costs ~ $35,000

 VoIP Migration Schedule

Migration of phones to the new system will be carried out one building at a time.  Building occupants will be notified prior to the move.

  • Final phase - October 2 2021 - Feb 28 2022
  • Nortel/Avaya Decommissioning - March 2022


red flag with word NewAnalog fax line transition

Legacy analog telephone services are being transitioned off of our Nortel/Avaya system - part of the effort referred to as the UC Project. Fax lines are  currently using these legacy analog systems and as a result, must be transitioned off to meet the February 28th, 2022. We are utilizing a cloud based fax service, Westfax, to help manage the movement of these lines.
To learn more about how you will interact with Westfax during and  following the transition of these phone lines, along with enhanced fax services in the future, visit


 Frequently Asked Questions



 VoIP Phone Guides

Cisco IP Phone quick start guides include phone diagram and basic task instructions.

Find phone model number:
Press the Applications button  on your phone, then select Phone information. The model number will be displayed.


icon depicting voice mail  Voicemail

Cisco Unity Connection is the name of our new voicemail system.



Two recommended headsets compatible with Cisco IP phones:




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