The standard phone models and accessories currently in stock and available for purchase from Telephone Services are listed in the tables below.

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Phone Models

Model Name Number of Lines Handsfree Speakerphone Display Panel Message Waiting Light Feature Keys* Price
M2006 1 No No No 5 $45
M2008 Basic up to 8 No No Yes 8 $56
M2008 Display up to 8 No Yes Yes 8 $135
M2008 Handsfree up to 8 Yes No Yes 8 $135
M2008 Handsfree Display up to 8 Yes Yes Yes 8 $150
M2616 up to 16 Yes No Yes 16 $140
M2616 Display up to 16 Yes Yes Yes 16 $150
M3902 1 Yes Yes Yes 3 $125
M3903 up to 4 Yes Yes Yes 4 $175
M3904 up to 6 Yes Yes Yes 6 $250
*For more info on features available see: M2000 Phone Series User Guide    M3900 Phone Series User Guide


Name Description Price
Headsets w/cord
call for $
Handset Cords
Available in black or gray
Line Cords
Available in black or gray
Network Cable various lengths $call