When applying for benefits through the VA, please see this checklist for guidelines on the process: 

New Veteran Student Checklist

Please email our office at [email protected] to receive the documents required to certify you as a student using VA education benefits. 

Please fill out the appropriate forms and submit them to our office either in person or by email. 

If you are using Chapter 33 and you are an out of state student for tuition and fees purposes, make sure that you inquire with the Veteran Support Center about the Choice Act and Yellow Ribbon.

Policies have changed recently that allow for non-residents using Chapter 33 benefits to be charged at the in-state rate. Please inquire at the Veteran Support Center if this applies to you. [email protected] or call 406-994-3661

The only document we require from you at this time is called the Certificate of Eligiblity. This can be obtained by applying for your benefit at va.gov. You can schedule an appointment with a staff member at the Veteran Support Center to walk you through this process.

All other intake paperwork will be provided to you upon request. Because of processing times, we request that all paperwork be completed and returned to the Veteran Support Center 6 weeks prior to the start of the term if at all possible.