At Montana State University, we understand the financial stress that may be placed on Veterans and their families when completing their military service. We also understand the overwhelming education debt many spouses face with completing their degrees as they follow their service member to different duty stations. Here at MSU we have great support from our community members and alumni that enable us to offer scholarships for veterans and their spouses.

All scholarships will now be awarded through Cat $cholarships

Carol Clarke Smith Scholarship for Veterans Spouses

Established by Carol Clarke Smith, who believes strongly in broadening access to higher education for those families who sacrifice the most to support the country. This scholarship is designed specifically for military spouses.

Wade Christiansen Purple Heart Scholarship

In memory of Army Paratrooper Wade Christiansen, who became a Purple Heart recipient after being wounded in Afghanistan. Wade was an MSU student studying photography when he lost his life in 2013. This scholarship was established to honor his service and sacrifice to our country.

Henderson Family Award

Established by William and Marilyn Henderson to help make higher education attainable for servicemen and women, as well as their spouses. The donors designed this to encourage students to complete their college degree.

Harold T. Mellang Memorial Scholarship

Established by David and Janyce Hoyt in memory of Janyce's father, Harold T. Mellang, a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Robert M. Hoyt Memorial Scholarship

Established by David and Janyce Hoyt in memory of David's father, Robert M. Hoyt, a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.