Who will be able to use the MSU Student Wellness Center?

All MSU students who pay the relevant recreation and student health fees will be able to use the new and improved facility and services as they do now.

What is the expected project schedule?

The new Wellness Center needs to pass a couple of approval stages before it goes to full design. We are going to move as quickly as possible to come up with the best possible design for students. Typically, projects of this size take 2-3 years to construct after design is completed.   

What will be open during construction?

The design and construction team will develop an efficient design and construction plan to minimize disruption to existing services, account for temporary relocation of some equipment, and keep the project on track for delivery. The vast majority of the facility will be open during the academic year.

What is the plan for the pool?

As part of our initial planning for a new facility, we received responses from over 1,700 individuals to help us understand the overall needs of students.  The pool received high marks in terms of our MSU community wanting a new and updated pool and will be included in the plans for the facility.

What is the plan for the climbing wall and racquetball area?

The new facility is planned to have a new, larger climbing wall and multi-use courts. The current racquetball and climbing wall spaces along the east side of the building will need to be removed in order to make room for a new, efficient, and ADA accessible space. The project team is working hard to address student priorities in the new facility.

What is the plan for the existing Fitness Center?

The new Student Wellness Center will be integrated with the existing fitness center, including a priority focus on heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) to improve air quality and temperature control.

What is the budget?

The budget is dependent upon final insurance settlement and the approval of student fees, but the approximate budget is $60 million. Approximately one third of the total project cost would come from student fees.

Does insurance pay for some of the project?

Insurance will pay for a majority of this project. We are working towards an insurance settlement that fully covers the replacement costs for the fitness center spaces that were lost.

Will there be a student fee associated with this project?

If ultimately approved by the Board of Regents, the existing Student Facilities Enhancement Project (SFEP) fee will be increased by $58 per semester for students taking 12 or more credits.