A new system designed and provided by Nation Renewable Energies Labratory (NREL) utilizes a Raspberry Pi board to upload data to a national database website called Open EI. This website is a massive database recording the energy outputs and sometimes weather data from thousands of commerical and private wind turbines. They will also let you download data from actual turbines if you wish.

Visit the OpenEI Website to see the MSU Turbine's output.

One of the main goals of the Wind for Schools (WfS) program is education. Open EI has been a central piece of this mission. Using their website, Wind Application Centers across the country can help schools install and see live data from their turbines. This allows students to have hands on experience with real data that is coming from their very own turbine. Here in Montana we have three reporting turbines in the WfS program, and we are working diligantly to get the others online.


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