Pilot Projects

Sarah Nash

Sarah Nash, Ph.D., ANTHC

Exploring Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer Among Alaska Native People
Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott, Ph.D  MSU

CBPR Internalizing Problems in American Indian Youth

Ellen Lauchnor,Ph.D, MSU 

Characterizing Health Risks from Arsenic Soil and Groundwater Contamination on the Crow Reservation, Southcentral Montana

Project Development Awards


Carl Yeoman, Ph.D, MSU

Building Infrastructure to Enable Research on Microbiological and Biochemical Risk Factors Underlying Gynecological and Reproductive Disparities of American Indian/ Alaska Native Woman

Mary Miles

Mary Miles, Ph.D., MSU

Exploring the Feasibility of a Pilot Project to Improve Diabetes Management for Montana AI Communities

Erin Semmens

Erin Semmens, UM

Developing Research to Improve Substance use Exposure-Related Outcomes in Infants

Sandra Benavides--Vaello, Ph.D, MSU

Developing a Culturally Aligned Meditative Yoga Intervention to Reduce Diabetes and HTN Distress Among Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

Kimberly Paul, UM

Identifying Opioid and Methamphetamine Incidence, Community Resources and Needs in a Native American Community: A Collaborative Research Partnership to Create a Translational and Effective Substance Use Reduction Model

Sarah Buckingham,UAA 

Cultural Identity and Behavioral Health Among Alaska Native College Students

Laura Eichelberger, ANTHC

Assessing the Effects of Portable Alternative Sanitation Systems on Health and Wellbeing

JingJing Sun, UM

Building Resilience and Social Emotional Competence among Native American Youth

Diane King, UAA

Growing Old, Staying Strong: Physical activity  and aging in rural American Indian/ Alaska Native Communities

Deborah Keil

 Profiling Community Drug Abuse by Municipal Wastewater Analysis

Diversity Awards and Small Grants


Charlene Apok and Venessa Hiratsuka

Indigenous Studies Doctoral Student: Serving Community Through Health Research