Pilot Projects

Project Development Awards

Jacques Philip

Jacques Philip, UAF

Community Perspectives on Dogjoring as Part of Physical Activity Promotion Programs for Alaska Native Youth
Christopher Migliaccio

Christopher Migliaccio, Ph.D., UM

Combining Parmacist Lead Telemedicine and Asthma Education to Better Respiratory Health Outcomes in Native American Populations

Mary Miles

Mary Miles, Ph.D., MSU

Exploring the Feasibility of a Pilot Project to Improve Diabetes Management for Montana AI Communities

Erin Semmens

Erin Semmens, UM

Building Capacity for Pediatric Environmental Clinical Trial Research in Native Montana Communities

Diversity Awards and Small Grants

Ciara Hansen

Ciara Hansen, UM

Predicting Recidivism for Native American Offenders on a Montana Reservation - Diversity Award

Bernard Laughlin

Bernard Laughlin, DO, UAF

Targeting Central A1 Adenosine Receptors Induces Hypothermia for Stroke - Diversity Award

Rebecca Robinson

Rebecca Robinson, UAA

Pathways to Recovery - Diversity Award

Stacey Sherwin

Stacey Sherwin, SKC

Building Capacity to Reduce Health Disparities on Montana Reservations - Small Award