The purpose of the Tracking and Evaluation Core is to ensure the AI/AN CTR program achieves its goals of building Native health research capacity in Alaska and Montana and improves the health of these state’s Native peoples; and to provide ongoing program improvements using data generated from formative assessment measures that support and strengthen project aims and goals. Under the direction of Lisa Blank the Tracking and Evaluation Core will evaluate the AI-AN CTRC Cores using process and outcome measures. Each component will be assessed individually and for its contribution toward the overall aims of the Center. The outcome evaluation will assess both short- and long-term accomplishment of aims. Short-term accomplishments are those activities or products most closely associated with the day-to-day activities of the AI-AN CTRC components, whereas long-term accomplishments will include the cumulative effects of short-term accomplishments. 


Lisa Blank

Lisa M. Blank, University of Montana

Heather Almquist

Heather Almquist

Senior Consultant

Phone: 406-370-0139