The professional development core, under the direction of Nancy Jane Shelby from the University of Alaska-Anchorage, will develop and expand the intellectual infrastructure needed to develop and sustain a center for Native health research in Montana and Alaska.  Leading experts will conduct workshops on the needs for clinical research in AI/AN health, opportunities for funding, and how to initiate and sustain research.  The professional development core will also develop a faculty seminar exchange program funding both established an potential new clinical investigators, to travel to either Alaska or Montana to give seminars of their research and visit with local investigators.

Core Director and Staff

Nancy Shelby, UAA

Nancy Jane Shelby

Core Director

Douglas Kominsky, MSU

Doug Kominsky

Annie Belcourt, UM

Annie Belcourt

Kristin Raeesi, WWAMI School of Medical Education, UAA

Kristin Raeesi

Administrative Assistant