The AI/AN CTR Program is a joint partnership funded by the NIH to explore and address health disparities in native communities in Alaska and Montana. Ai/AN CTRP stands for American Indian/Alaskan Native Clinical and Translational Research Program.

No. The project leaders must have an appointment at an institution in Montana or Alaska.

Please create an account by following clicking this link and follow the directions. You will receive an email confirmation when you have successfully registered.

After registering, please login using your username and password. Click on “Create New Pre-Proposal”. You will complete the required fields with information relevant to your proposal.

You are not required to submit a full, polished proposal; a brief abstract or at a minimum one to two sentences that summarizes your topic points and information is acceptable.   The intent of the pre-proposal is to initiate engagement with the Cores of the CTRP.

Pre-proposals after the deadline are generally not permitted; however, you may contact Jocelyn Krebs at or Kari Harris at  to discuss your situation.

There is a section after the pre-proposal information is collected where the applicant can record “Interactions.” This section is where an applicant and CTRP project staff can document e-mails, phone calls, or in person meetings they’ve had with the Core leaders and/or members. It’s valuable to have correspondence and communication prior to submitting a pre-proposal, and it is required after submitting a pre-proposal. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to reach out to Core members to initiate contact.