Welcome to the American Studies Program!

American Studies is a richly interdisciplinary curriculum that provides challenging and diverse opportunities to study the history, people, cultures, and institutions of the United States. It immerses students in comparative perspectives of the American experience, engages them in the diversity of American life, and prepares them to confront, with historical awareness, the pressing problems that face our nation and society.

Students may select from any of three options:

  • Arts, which invites students to explore the creative role of music, film, and popular culture in shaping American values
  • History which provides students with a broad understanding of the interplay of culture, society, and political change in America's past, present, and future
  • Literature, which gives students the opportunity to read widly in the works of representative American writers, and to acquire an understanding of critical approaches to the study of literature


We are glad you are interested in the American Studies Program. If you have any questions, please call our main office at 406-994-4247 or email amerstudies@montana.edu