To create, communicate and implement logical and easily understood fiscal processes that lead to fair budgetary guidance or resource allocations that directly support University strategic goals and priorities.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Consideration of entire University budget (including Agencies).
  • The provision of advice and recommendations to the President, regarding broad budget issues, at the level of major functions of University operations (A&F, Academic Affairs, Student Success, Auxiliaries, Agencies, etc.)
  • Facilitate communication with the University community and provide regular reports through a variety of mechanisms.
  • Develop and communicate fiscal “best practices” to increase accountability.
  • Consider the potential impacts of budget decisions on units, employees and students.
  • Maintain an alignment between budget recommendations and the strategic plan – and continually assess the outcomes of budget plans.


  • VP for Administration & Finance, Chair
  • Provost
  • VP for Student Success or designee
  • *Dean
  • *Department Head
  • Faculty Senate Representative                     [Designated by Senate]
  • Staff Senate Representative                         [Designated by Senate]
  • Professional Council Representative            [Designated by Council]
  • ASMSU President or designee
  • Graduate Student Representative                [Designated by ASMSU]
  • Community Member                                     [President's Advisory Council]
  • Research Representative                             [Designated by VP Research]
  • *Outreach Representative
  • Planning Council Representative                 [Non-Voting]


*These positions will be elected.