As part of its aim to develop a critical mass of health equity researchers in Montana, CAIRHE supports each of its investigators through an active mentoring program. Each project leader meets regularly with a senior faculty mentor at MSU who is an established National Institutes of Health–funded researcher. The purpose of this mentoring is not only to refine the quality of the investigator’s research, but also to prepare the developing investigator for success in securing independent grant support from the NIH or other major granting agencies.


Alex Adams

Alexandra Adams, M.D., Ph.D.


Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity

Annie Belcourt

Annjeanette Belcourt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Montana

Matt Byerly

Matthew Byerly, M.D.

Suzanne Held

Suzanne Held, Ph.D.

Professor, Community Health
Jessi Smith

Jessi Smith, Ph.D.