Purpose: The intern is required to get their immediate supervisor’s honest and sincere feedback, which at times maybe constructive criticism on their lack of skills/knowledge as well as their strengths. The intern will not be able to grow and improve as a student and individual if their supervisor is not totally honest about where the intern needs improvement or continued development.

Tri-weekly Feedback Forms: This evaluation form is required from your supervisor every third week during the intern’s employment and one final evaluation at the end of the internship. The supervisor will be evaluating the intern a total of five times during the intern’s summer employment with you.

It will be the responsibility of the intern to give the intern’s supervisor ample time to complete this form and make an appointment for a review session with the intern’s supervisor. Supervisor, please try to spend 10 to 15 minutes per evaluation session with the intern and explain your comments so that the intern can formalize an outline/plan to implement the required improvements you are requesting from the intern. A percentage of the interns overall grade is based on your evaluations and the intern’s ability to make substantial improvements on these evaluations.

If a skill set is lacking and/or is not present on this form, please add it to the ‘Other’ column and explain it in detail to the intern so that they can implement a plan to improve this skill set.

Final Feedback Form: This will be similar to the four feedback forms you (supervisor) have already done but you need to focus on the entire internship (12 weeks) and the substantial growth or lack of growth that has been observed with your intern. Again the intern has the responsibility to give you the paperwork in ample time to complete and then time needs to be set aside for discussion of this overall evaluation with the intern so that the intern can hand in their final report to their advisor no later then August 23, 2004 which includes this final evaluation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this evaluation process, please feel free to contact the MSU Internship Director, Penny Knoll, at 406-994-6139 or e-mail her at: