We plan to launch our website on February 1st. Please keep in mind that we will update it with information as it becomes available, so check back often.

We plan to launch our website on October 1st. Please keep in mind that we will update it with information as it becomes available, so check back often.

The Commencement ceremonies always take place the Saturday immediately following the last day of finals for each Fall and Spring semester. Historically, that has meant that the Spring ceremonies have been held on the first weekend of May, and the Fall ceremonies have been held on the second weekend of December, but this is not a guarantee.

Regalia is available for purchase through the MSU Bookstore. They are located in the basement of the Strand Union Building, or you may also check out the MSU Bookstore's website for information regarding Commencement merchandise.

Commencement ceremonies are open to the public, and no tickets or RSVP’s are required for spectators. There is no limit to the amount of guests attending in each party- the more, the merrier!

Unfortunately, DVD’s of the ceremonies are no longer offered. However, the ceremonies are on YouTube, and will be able to be found by searching “Montana State University Commencement Ceremony".

There will be a link activated on the morning of the ceremony on the Commencement website that will lead to live streaming of the event.
The color of students’ tassels correspond to their cumulative GPA’s, and are consistent across all disciplines- below a 3.25 is black, 3.25-3.69 is blue and 3.70-4.00 is gold.
We do our best to keep run time for each ceremony under 2 hours, which means 9:00-11:00 for Fall ceremonies and for the morning ceremony in Spring, and 1:30-3:30 for the afternoon ceremony in Spring.       
We recommend that guests arrive about an hour early, as things get congested the closer we get to Processional.
Parking is free on Commencement day, and all spaces are open, except for the ADA sections that will be clearly labeled. If you or your guest need ADA Accommodations, please complete the ADA Accomodations request form found on the Family & Guests page.

Please visit your MyInfo account to update your Mailing address. Diplomas for all successful graduates will be mailed out in the following timeline:

  • Spring Graduates – Mid-JULY
  • Summer Graduates – Mid-OCTOBER
  • Spring Graduates – Mid-FEBRUARY

Attention Fall 2018 Graduates: Diplomas can be expected to be received in MARCH, 2019

The Honors College is a different organization and has different requirements than graduating with university Honors or Highest Honors. Graduating with Honors or Highest Honors is possible for any student with a cumulative GPA of 3.25-3.69 or a 3.70-4.00 respectively, and is consistent across all Undergraduate disciplines.

After careful consideration, the administration has determined that a student may only process, cross the stage, and recess for one of their degrees at the commencement ceremony. Students will be required to choose which of their degrees that they would like to walk with. Dual degree candidates will still have both of their degrees acknowledged in the following ways:

  1. Dual degree candidates will receive two diplomas upon successful completion of degree requirements as well as two diploma covers on commencement day.
  2. Both degrees will be posted on student transcripts upon successful completion of degree requirements.
  3. Dual degree candidates’ names appear twice in the commencement booklet – once for each degree.
  4. If a dual degree candidate is graduating from two different colleges, they can attend the college celebrations for each of the colleges that they are receiving degrees from.
We will be sending an email to Degree Candidates in early October (Fall) and March (Spring) with information regarding the graduation process.  Please also keep an eye on our Commencement website for information to be posted as it is released.

Students who are finishing their undergraduate degrees (Bachelors, Associates, Undergradtuate Certificates, etc.) in the summer will participate in the Spring commencement ceremony prior to the completion of their degree requirements. 

Students who are finishing their graduate (Masters or PhD) in the summer will participate in the Fall commencement following the completion of their degree requirements.