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MSU Student Union Building (SUB)


Parallel Session 1
SUB Ballroom B, C, D, 233


SUB Ballroom A
John Pegg, Director, SiMERR National Research Centre, University of New England, AU
Jayne Downey, Director, Center for Research on Rural Education, Montana State University 
Alison Harmon, Dean, College of Education, Health, & Human Development, Montana State University
Bob Mokwa, Provost, Montana State University
Senator Jon Tester, State of Montana


Lunch & Rural Highlight
SUB Ballroom A


Interactive Panel
SUB Ballroom A
Community Responsive Leadership Preparation: Explicit Objectives and Tacit Accomplishments
Bill Ruff (Chair), Godfrey Saunders, Jason Cummins

9:30 Keynote Address
SUB Ballroom A
Sweeney Windchief, Assistant Professor, Montana
State University
The Sharing of Indigenous Knowledge Through
Academic Means by Implementing Self-reflection
and Story
3:30 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
SUB Ballroom A
4:00 Parallel Session 2
SUB Ballroom B, C, D, 233
5:30 Break
10:30 Morning Tea & Coffee
SUB Ballroom A
6:00 Welcome Reception

MSU’s Museum of the Rockies
Sponsored by SiMERR National Research Centre, University of New England, AU


11:00 - 12:30   Parallel Session 1 — Wednesday, August 1  


SUB Ballroom B

SUB Ballroom C

SUB Ballroom D

SUB Room 233


Theme 2 - Partnership

Theme 3 - Profession

Theme 4 - Practice

Theme 5 - Students


Presentation A

Allison Wynhoff Olsen, Kirk Branch, Jan Zauha, Montana State University & Emily Nelson, Belgrade High School
Writing Together: Expanding Opportunities for Teachers and Students in Rural Communities

Kerri Balint, Public Broadcasting Service; Ben Garcia, Southern Oregon Public Television; Kari Wardle, Idaho Public Television; Nikki Vradenburg, Montana PBS; Mekca Wallace-Spurgin, Iowa Public Television; & Darcy Bakkegard, Prairie Public Broadcasting


Supporting Rural Educators: Lessons from the PBS Teacher Community Program



Amy Azano, Virginia Tech & Cat Biddle, University of Maine
Deficits, Dichotomies, and Other Traps in Problem Formation for Rural Education

Kimberly McCluskey, Scotland County R-1
Developing an Advanced Placement Program a Small, Rural School


Presentation B

Patrick Hampton, University of Notre Dame, AU
Walk Beside Me, Learn Together: A Service-Learning Immersion to a Remote Aboriginal School and Community

Matthew Finster, Westat
Examining Productivity in Rural Education: Signals of Innovative Approaches and Best Practices

Melinda Davis & Cassidy Hall, University of Idaho
Putting the "T" in STEM for Rural Educators


Presentation C

Christine Stanton, Lucia Ricciardelli, Montana State University & Brad Hall, Blackfeet Community College
The Digital Storywork Partnership: Engaging Students, Educators, and Community Members in Research and Filmmaking

Jesse Moon Longhurst, Southern Oregon University
“Here is lots of places”: TeacherPreparation For and With Oregon’s Rural Cultures and Rural Schools

Chris Reading, University of New England, AU
The World Around Us: Nurturing Spatial Reasoning in Rural Schools


4:00 - 5:30   Parallel Session 2 — Wednesday, August 1


SUB Ballroom B

SUB Ballroom C

SUB Ballroom D

SUB Room 233


Theme 1 - Community

Theme 2 - Partnership

Theme 3 - Profession

Theme 6 - Leadership


Presentation A

Outi Marja Autti & Unn-Doris K. Baeck, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Teaching Should Not be a Bubble Disconnected from the Community: Rural Teachers and Local Curricula

Steven L. Johnson, Lisbon Public Schools
The Value of Rural School/Community Partnerships

Jesse Longhurst, Southern Oregon University; Michael Thier, University of Oregon & Phillip Grant, Jr., University of West Georgia; Sheryl  D. Craig, University of Oklahoma; & Casey Jakubowski, University at Albany: State University of New York
Geographic and Methodological Gaps in U.S. Rural Education Research

Hobart Harmon & Thomas Butler, Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8
Building Leadership Capacity for Scaling Innovations in Rural School Districts


Presentation B

Jennifer Lutey & Tina Hamilton, Brightways Learning
Do You Generate “Webs of Support” in Your School?

Jeff Hawkins & Dessie Bowling, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative
Appalachia Rising

Tom Schram, Kathryn McCurdy, Tom Higginbotham & Dan Lord, University of New Hampshire
Place Matters: Review of the Research on Rural Teacher Education

Micah Wixom, Education Commission of the States
How the Sausage Gets Made: Engaging in the Policy-Making Process


Presentation C

Samantha Avitaia, University of Wollongong, AU 
Developing a Contextualized Model of Outreach for Rural Communities

Brad Mitchell, Battelle for Kids, Danette Parsley, Education Northwest & Kristina Hesbol, University of Denver
Rural School Partnerships: Connecting Improvement Science, Collective Impact and Place Based Education

Nick Kleese, University of Minnesota
Conversation as Method: Toward a More Rurally Attuned Methodology

Devon Brenner, Mississippi State University & Susan McClelland, University of Mississippi
Building the Advocacy Skills of Rural Leaders