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MSU Student Union Building (SUB)


Lunch & Rural Highlight
SUB Ballroom A

9:00 Keynote Address
SUB Ballroom A
John Pegg, Director SiMERR National Research Centre, University of New England, AU
Strengthening Rural Education: Alternatives in Enhancing Education in Rural Areas
1:30 Interactive Panel
SUB Ballroom A
Strengthening Rural  Education: Partnering for Enduring Success
Alison Harmon (Chair), Sweeney Windchief, Simone White, Allen Pratt, John Pegg
10:00 Morning Tea & Coffee
SUB Ballroom A
3:00 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
SUB Ballroom A
10:30 Parallel Session 5
SUB Ballroom B, C, D, 233
3:30 Parallel Session 6
SUB Ballroom B, C, D, 233
    5:00 Farewells / Departures
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10:30 - 12:00 Parallel Session 5 — Friday, August 3

  SUB Ballroom B SUB Ballroom C SUB Ballroom D SUB Room 233
  Theme 5 - Students Theme 3 - Profession Theme 4 - Practice Theme 6 - Leadership


Presentation A
Susan Sullivan, Montana State University
Personalized Teaching/ Learning in the K-16 Classroom
Unn-Doris Baeck & Outi Autti, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
“Here Comes the Teacher”: Being a Teacher in a Rural Community
Tom Lowrie, Robyn Jorgensen & Natalie Downes, University of Canberra
Space, Place, & Mathematics: Exploring the Diverse Mathematical Knowledges of Rural and Remote Students in Australia
Ivan Lorentzen, Flathead Valley Community College & William McCaw, University of Montana
A Systems Approach to Improved District Performance: Perhaps People are not the Problem
Presentation B
Beth Kennedy, Hailey Buckley & Alex Hardy,
Montana State University
Developing a Rural Educator Self-Identity: A Pre-Service Teacher Early Field Experience
Meredith McCool, Sweet Briar College
"This is a Rural Activity": An Activity Theory Perspective on Rural Classrooms
Rose Vallor, Montana State University
Teaching Outdoors: A Multiple Case Study of Teachers’ Methods and Motivations Practicing School-based Outdoor Teaching
Allison Wynhoff Olsen, Kirk Branch, Montana State University, Alan Hoffmann & Amber Henwood, Savage High School
Creating a Team of Teacher Leaders in Remote Schools and Local Communities
Presentation C
Kimberly McCluskey, Scotland County
Increasing Equity and Access in Dual Credit Programs

Melyssa Fuqua, Monash University, AU
Importance of Rural Careers Educators’ Local Professional Networks

Lauren Dotson, Montana State University
Rural Education and the Need for Trauma-Informed Care
Morag Redford, University of the Highlands and Islands Scotland
The Role of Values In a Teacher Leadership Programme For Scottish Island Communities


3:30 - 5:00 Parallel Session 6 — Friday, August 3

  SUB Ballroom B SUB Ballroom C SUB Ballroom D
  Theme 2 - Partnership Theme 3 - Profession Theme 6 - Leadership


Presentation A

Vicki Howard, University of Montana Western & Lona Running Wolf, Napi Elementary School
Building Capacity within Rural Indigenous Communities

Tena Versland, Janessa Parenteau & Lynne Peterson, Montana State University
MSU’s Rural Practicum: A Promising Practice to Address Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Ivan Lorentzen, Flathead Valley Community College & William McCaw, University of Montana
The Five Standards of Boardsmanship and their Relationship with Student Achievement
Presentation B
Suzanne Arnold & Barbara Seidl, University of Colorado, Denver
Maximizing Partnerships in Rural Communities: Multiple Pathways to Support Teacher Development
Susan Gregory & Rene Rosell Yarbrough, Montana State University Billings
Meeting the Need for Special Education Teachers in Rural Areas
Daniel Lee, University of Montana, Lisa Kerscher & Jennifer Lutey, Brightways Learning
Rural Schools, Standards-Based Teacher Evaluation and Technology's Odyssean Promise
Presentation C
Ryan Fowler, TNTP, Allen Pratt, NREA, Steven Johnson & Lisbon Public Schools
Designing a National Talent Strategy for Rural Schools

Robert Mitchell, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs & Megan Quitter, Colorado Department of Education
Filling Classrooms: Colorado's Efforts to Resolve the Educator Shortages in Rural Colorado

Melody Schopp, Consultant 
Building a Foot Bridge in Rural Education