University Teacher Education Committee (UTEC)


UTEC Members Representing Teaching Majors or Minors

Name Position Represents Term Length/Ends
Lynda Ransdell Chair Dean, College of EHHD Ongoing
Browne, Sara Member Health & Human Development Advising 2013-2014
Carjuzaa, Jioanna Member Multicultural Education 2013-2014
Colton, Nancy Member Health Enhancement K-12 2013-2014
Downey, Jayne Member Head, Department of Education 2013-2014
Edwards, Elizabeth Member University Studies 2013-2014
Fleming, Walter Member Native American Studies 2013-2014
Francis, Greg Member Physics 2013-2014
Freese, Bill Member Education Assessment 2013-2014
Haughey, Lidia Member Technology Education 2013-2014
Holmgren, Steve Member Chemistry 2013-2014
Hunts, Holly Member Family & Consumer Sciences 2013-2014
Igo, Carl Member Agricultural Education 2013-2014
Ingraham, Patricia Member Field Placement & Licensure 2013-2014
Judge, Vaughan Member Photography 2013-2014
LeCain, Tim Member History & Philosophy 2013-2014
Luebeck, Jennifer Member Mathematics 2013-2014
Lux, Christine Member Early Childhood Education 2013-2014
McCarthy Rogers, Amanda Member Art Education 2013-2014
Meldahl, Cynthia Member Education Advising 2013-2014
Petrone, Robert Member English 2013-2014
Roberts, David Member Head, Department of Ecology 2013-2014
Shanahan, Elizabeth Member Public Policy/Administration 2013-2014
Stewart, Tobin Member Music 2013-2014
Stock, Wendy Member Agricultural Economics 2013-2014
Tillack, Peter Member Modern Languages 2013-2014
Wanago, Nicole Member Family & Consumer Sciences 2013-2014
Will, Kathryn Member Field Placement & Licensure 2013-2014


Review existing and proposed operational policy and practice, and recommend needed changes to appropriate University groups; establish guidelines for the development of teaching options, majors, and minors; review and approve the requirements for general education, broad fields, teaching options, majors, and minors; act as a channel of communication between the total education faculty, the administrative committee of the College of Education, Health and Human Development, the various college that assist in teacher preparation, and other interested persons; and review curriculum descriptions in University publications.


Once per semester and as required


Voting Members: One representative from each academic department offering teaching options, majors, or minors.

Voting Ex Officio Members: Dean and Assistant Dean of Education, Health and Human Development; Director, Student Teaching and Certification; Vice President for Academic Affairs; Assistant Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Architecture, Letters and Science; Dean of Graduate Studies; Director, Native American Studies; and Director, University Studies; Unit Coordinator for Elementary Education; NCATE member.

Length of Term

One year, renewable

Appointed By

Heads of academic departments offering teaching options, majors, or minors.

Advisory To

Dean, College of Education, Health and Human Development

Reports Due

As requested