About your account

Beginning Fall 2016 all students receive MSU Office 365 email accounts. The format for an MSU student Office 365 email address is:  first.last#@student.montana.edu

When will my account be ready?

  • NEW* undergraduate students: your email accounts will be available at orientation
  • NEW* graduate students your email accounts will be available 24 hours after you've registered for classes. 
  • All other students: your email accounts are ready.

*NEW - Refers to any student (undergraduate or graduate) who has never attended MSU before.

How do I make sure University email is sent to my MSU Office 365 email address?

To make sure mail from the University (like, financial aid, course/departmental email, etc) is going to your @student.montana.edu address, log into MyInfo and check the address listed for you. If the email displayed is NOT your first.last#@student.montana.edu, you can change it by following the appropriate directions below:

  1. Log into MyInfo, click the Personal Info tab and select the Update Email Addresses link.

    If the address listed is NOT your first.last@student.montana.edu:
  2. Click the here link to use your MSU provided address.
  1. Log into MyInfo, click the Personal Info tab and select the Update Email Addresses link.
  2. Click the Change link and enter your first.last#@student.montana.edu address.

If you do not know what your first.last is you can find it in My Profile:

  1. Log into My Profile at password.montana.edu.
  2. Select the User Info link located in the left sidebar. Your student.montana.edu address will be listed.


For more information about university email communication please see the MSU Student Electronic Communications Policy.

Access your account

Email accounts require your NetID and password to log in. Follow instructions below to set your Net ID password and log into your account.


  1. Set NetID Password.
  2. Log into email.