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NEW STUDENTS: It may take up to 24hrs after you have registered for classes for your NetID to be activated.

My Profile Log In and User verification page

Sign in to My Profile question mark image icon

  1. Go to My Profile at
  2. Complete all fields and click the 'Sign In' button.

The 'Set a New Password' page opens. down arrow

Set a New Password page

Set Password

  1. Read password rules.
  2. Under the heading, Change Passwords For
  3. Check the box next to 'NetID' (see red arrow).
    Also make a note of your NetID.
  4. Optional: If you'd like to set your NetID and Windows Domain Account to use the same password check both boxes.
  5. Enter your new password (twice).
  6. Click the 'Submit' button. down arrow

Password Confirmation Password Confirmation


A new screen will confirm that your password has been successfully set, or relay details if an error has occurred.

You will also see a message confirming that your MSU Windows Domain password has been set if you've chosen to set it too.

Account Credentials page Account Credentials page

Other Info

  • Email Address
  • Click the Personal Information link in the left sidebar to view your email address (see image right).

  • Accounts & ID Usernames
  • Click the My Accounts & ID Usernames link to view your MSU ID, NetID, and MSU Windows Domain usernames
    (see bottom image).

Email Account Login

Get help

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