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Montana State University
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Tel: (406) 994-1777
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MSU Student Email

About your account

Your MSU student email account is powered by Google and includes Google Applications (gapps).

Your new email address will be used for official university academic and administrative communications. This makes it important to set up your account and begin using it as soon as you can.

MSU Student Electronic Communications Policy

Set up your account

NEW STUDENTS: Email accounts will be available 24 hours after you've registered for orientation. You will need to know your MSU ID & PIN (the same used to register) as part of the set up process to verify you are an MSU student. Please have them handy before you begin.

Email accounts use an ID called your NetID (and password) for login. To obtain your NetID and set up your new email account follow these steps.

Follow links for instructions.
  1. Get NetID
  2. Set NetID password
  3. Log in and setup account