Personal typed statements must include all of the following:

  1. Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
  2. Title of “Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.”
  3. Student’s name.
  4. Student’s MSU ID number.
  5. Student’s current mailing address. Indicate if this is a change of address.
  6. A detailed personal statement describing the mitigating circumstances that addresses all of the following:
    • The nature and timing of the circumstances (e.g., injury or illness, death of a loved one). A student with a maximum credit hour violation must address the circumstances that prevented their graduation within the applicable credit limit. Be specific when referring to credit amounts and time periods.
    • How the circumstances affected the student’s ability to meet the standards. If more than one enrollment period was affected, each enrollment period and the relevant circumstances must be specifically addressed.
    • How the circumstances have been resolved or managed to permit the student to meet the standards.
  7. Student’s signature and date signed.
  8. Supporting documentation verifying the circumstances cited in the personal statement (see item 6 above). Maximum credit hour violation appeals must also include a completed Plan of Study Form. Medical circumstance documentation must be from an authorized medical representative. If a student feels it is impossible to document their circumstances, their personal statement must explain why. Documentation must be in written form. The Office of Financial Aid Services will not contact references on a student’s behalf. Supporting statements from an individual must specify the relationship of the individual to the student and must be signed and dated.

Appeal Deadlines and Processing

Appeals for financial aid eligibility reinstatement must be received no later than November 15 for fall semester, no later than March 31 for spring semester and no later than June 30 for summer session. These deadlines apply regardless of the date the student became aware of the loss of eligibility. Appeals will be reviewed by the Satisfactory Progress Appeals Committee on a case-by-case basis. The review may take up to two weeks.

In all cases, the outcome of any appeal will depend on the nature of the circumstances causing the violation, the quality of the documentation provided, how the circumstances are being resolved or managed, and how well the student has demonstrated whether good progress is being made toward earning a degree. If an appeal is approved and eligibility is reinstated, the student will be required to follow an academic plan until the standards are met.