Students are required by federal regulations and the Board of Regents to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.  Violation of any one of the standards will result in financial aid suspension.

All students are reviewed and notified by email of a violation after each semester, however, it is the student’s responsibility to know a violation has occurred whether or not the student receives notification.  To find out if you have or will have a violation go to your My Info account.

A student may regain eligibility by:

  • Enrolling at MSU without financial aid and meeting the academic standard. The student must submit written notification to the Office of Financial Aid Services when this has been accomplished before aid will be reinstated;
  • The University Scholastic Appeals Board must grant reinstatement to students on scholastic suspension before the Office of Financial Aid Services will consider an appeal for aid reinstatement; or
  • Appealing through the Office of Financial Aid Services if there is an error in institutional records or there were mitigating circumstances that prevented meeting the policy standards.