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Staff Directory & Directory of Services

Dr. David L. Di Maria (email) Associate Provost
Jean Aspevig (email) Accounting Analyst
Sharon Beall (email) Assistant to Associate Provost
Meghan Carroll (email) Study Abroad Progam Assistant
Deborah Chiolero (email) International Student and Scholar Advisor
Debra DeBode (email) Director of International Student & Scholar Services
Makiko Diehl (email) Program Coordinator
Geraldine Govaerts (email) Manager for International Recruitment & Marketing
Anna Greenberg (email) Study Abroad Advisor and Outreach Coordinator
Christopher Helgeson (email) Program Coordinator/Assistant
May Heriza (email) Agent Partnership Manager
Brent Leavell (email) International Programs Specialist
Sally O'Neill (email) Immigration Specialist

Janelle Rasmussen (email)  

Director of Training and Special Programs
Susan Reisch (email) New Student Services International Representative
John Richardson (email) International Student and Scholar Advisor
Alyson Roberts (email) CCIS Advisor and Coordinator
Sarah Rolfing (email) Short Term Faculty-Led Program Coordinator
Yvonne Rudman (email) Director for Academic & Technical Programs
Susan Welker (email) Education Abroad Manager


Office of International Programs Organizational Chart

The OIP Directory of Services lists all programs and services alphabetically, includes a short explanation of each, and provides contact information for the appropriate OIP staff person.  Note that most of these listings also include a world-wide-web location at which you can find additional useful information at any time.  Thank you for your interest in international programs.