Interested in establishing a training program with OIP?  It's easy.

Step 1

Determine the goals and objectives for your program. What would you like the program to accomplish for its participants? In answering this question it might be helpful to develop a unifying theme that is relevant to participants and links classroom and other program activities.

Step 2

Decide which program elements and training methods you would like to include in your program. The following questions may aid your thinking: Who will participate in your program—undergraduates, graduate students, mid-career professionals, others? What are the participants' professional or academic interests? What is the average level of English proficiency within the group? Are there specific skills you would like participants to come away with? The following lists describe training components and methods we have used during past programs:


  • English language training—conversational; business; technical; other
  • professional, technical, educational, leadership training
  • site visits—campus facilities; businesses; schools; community organizations
  • meetings with business professionals or teachers
  • standardized test preparation—TOEIC; TOEFL; GMAT; GRE
  • team work skills development
  • computer and technology instruction
  • American culture training
Students at MSU


  • classroom instruction
  • case studies
  • small group work
  • panel discussions
  • job shadowing
  • interactive seminars
  • field work
  • internships
  • site visits
  • workshops
  • regular and/or special MSU courses
  • independent study
  • teleconferencing
  • action planning
  • one-on-one tutoring

Step 3

Select the support services and out-of-class activities that you would like to include in your program (ground transportation and a post-arrival orientation are inlcuded in all programs). Options include:

Montana Hall, MSU


  • welcome and farewell parties
  • accommodations (hotel, dormitory, or homestay)
  • meals (some or all can be provided on campus)
  • shopping
  • publicity
  • evaluation
  • translators


  • group sightseeing trips
  • community service
  • cultural experiences
  • professional sporting events
  • concerts, theaters, nightlife
  • outdoor adventures: horseback riding, camping, hiking, skiing, golfing, boating, fishing

Step 4

Contact us to begin planning your program. Because each program is fully customizable, we are happy to assist you in developing your ideas. We look forward to working with you to design a cost-effective, high-quality program.