Knox FAQ

Knox is an ITC-managed server that utilizes encryption to safeguard student data or other information that MSU has a legal obligation to protect. For MSU employees, it is free for appropriate use. Knox support is handled through the Web Help Desk ticket system. Email all knox-related requests to You will receive an automated response from the "Web Help Desk" confirming that your request has been received.

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How do I request a Knox folder?

Send your request to and include the following items:

  1. A description of the information you will be storing.
  2. The usernames of persons who will need access to the folder.
  3. The type of access each will need. (Read/Write or Read-Only)
  4. A name for your folder. (No spaces or special characters)

How do I request changes to my Knox folder?

Send change requests to Only the registered owner of a Knox folder may request a change.

How do I request access to an existing Knox folder?

Send access requests to The folder's registered owner will be contacted for approval.

NOTE: It is more efficient to have the folder owner request access for you.

I've read the Knox FAQ and my question wasn't answered.
How do I get help?

Knox support is handled through the Web Help Desk ticket system. Email all Knox-related requests to You will receive an automated response from the "Web Help Desk" confirming that your request has been received.

Can I access my Knox folder with a web browser?

Yes. You can access a Knox folder with a web browser by clicking on a link or pasting the link into your browser address bar. Access will be READ-ONLY, you won't be able to create, edit, or delete files.

How do I connect to Knox?

There are 2 ways to connect to Knox.

  1. Read-Only via Web Browser
    • Access is READ-ONLY, you CANNOT create, edit, or delete files.
    • Use the link sent to you by clicking it or pasting it into your browser.
  2. Read/Write via Network Connection
    • Access is READ/WRITE, you CAN create, edit, and delete files.
    • Use the instructions for your type of computer to conduct natively.
    • Windows computer users often prefer to use WebDrive.

How do I connect to Knox with Windows 7 or Vista?

Create a Network Place or use Webdrive.

Can I connect to Knox with a Mac?

Yes, if your Mac OS is 10.6 or newer you can connect to knox via Mac Finder or WebDrive for Mac.

How do I connect to Knox from the Banner servers? Page up

To access Knox from ITC's Linux or UNIX Banner servers, use cadaver. After authenticating, use the




commands to transfer files. Use


to display a directory listing or help for a list of commands.

[jane.doe@charon ~]$ cadaver
Authentication required for on server
Username: MSU\jane.doe
dav:/example/> put example.file
Uploading example.file to `/example/example.file`:
Progress: [=====================>] 100.0% of 660137 bytes succeeded.
dav:/example/> get example.file
Enter local filename for `/example/example.file: /home/jane.doe/
Downloading `/example/example.file` to /home/jane.doe/
Progress: [=====================>] 100.0% of 660137 bytes succeeded.
dav:/example/> bye

How do I connect to Knox with Linux? Page up arrow. top

Linux users can install and use the command-line utility cadaver.
If a GUI is desired, Konqueror and Nautilus are also supported.

Users of the KDE Desktop Environment will use Konqueror:

  1. Open Konqueror (Start -> Internet -> Konqueror).
  2. Select "Go" -> "Network Folders".
  3. Double-click "Add a Network Folder".
  4. Select "WebFolder (webdav)" and click "Next".
  5. Name: Type in a descriptive name (Example: Biology Grades on Knox).
  6. User: Enter your MSU Domain Username (Example: MSU\jane.doe).
  7. Server: Enter "".
  8. Port: Enter "443".
  9. Folder: Enter the name of your Knox folder.
  10. Check the "User Encryption" box.
  11. Click "Save & Connect". You will now be prompted to enter your MSU Domain password..
Users of the Gnome Desktop Environment will use Nautilus:
  1. Click "Places" -> "Connect to Server".
  2. Change "Service type" to "Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)"
  3. Server: Enter "".
  4. Port: Enter "443".
  5. Folder: Enter the name of your Knox folder.
  6. Username: Enter your MSU Domain Username (Example: MSU\jane.doe).
  7. Name to use for connection: Enter a descriptive name (Example: Grad School Transcripts)

Do I need to use WebDrive?

Not usually. Webdrive has advantages over connecting natively, but setup is more involved. One advantage of Webdrive is that it stores your login information. If you are a frequent user of Knox, Webdrive can be a time saver.

What is WebDrive?

Webdrive is software that connects to WebDAV and SFTP Servers such as Knox and Banner. Many use WebDrive to manage their Knox folders because it is easy to use and remembers passwords. MSU-Bozeman has a site license agreement that allows WebDrive to be installed on any Windows or Mac computer.

How do I install WebDrive for Windows? Page up

To install WebDrive:
  1. Download WebDrive by clicking the link below for your version of Windows OS.
  2. Run the downloaded program.
    • Windows 7 users: Right-click on the downloaded file and select Run as administrator. The install program must be run as administrator!
The InstallShield Wizard will start. [next] fig. 1.
    1. Accept the License Agreement. [next] fig. 2.
Use the default Destination Folder as shown. [next] fig. 3.
    1. Click Install to begin the installation.
    2. Click Finish when the install process has completed. It will take several minutes.
Webdrive is now installed.
  1. Run the program from the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click Activate License (fig.4).
  3. Enter the WebDrive License Key. [Finish] fig. 5. The Webdrive License Key can be found at You will be prompted for your MSU Domain username/password. Don't forget to put MSU\ before your username.
  4. IMPORTANT: Before using Webdrive change Cache Settings to Multi-User. Go to File -> Program Settings -> Options.
    Select the Multi-User option and click OK. (fig. 7).
  5. Now add your Knox folders to WebDrive.

How do I install WebDrive for Mac?

For instructions that include screen shots go to

  1. Get WebDrive Registration Code at
    • Enter your MSU Domain username and password
      (don't forget MSU\).
    • Copy the Mac Registration Code. You'll need it in step 6.
  2. Download WebDrive at
    • Browse to WebDrive.dmg (downloaded file) and click to open..
    • Click WebDrive.pkg icon to open WebDrive installer.
  3. Step through the WebDrive Installer -
    You will need your Mac password.
  4. Go to Applications folder and click on to open.
    If MacFUSE is not already installed you will be prompted to install it.
  5. Step through MacFUSE Installer – again you will need your Mac password
  6. Register WebDrive -
    • Click the Enter Registration Code button.
    • Paste the code copied in step 1 and click Activate button.
  7. Add Knox folders to WebDrive -
    • Click New Site.
    • Enter a Site Profile Name (this is just a label for your Knox folder).
    • Select Server Type: WebDav and check Use Secure HTTPS.
    • Enter for Host Name
      Check Use Default Port
      Enter just your Knox folder name for Initial Remote Directory
    • Enter your MSU Domain username and password (Don't forget MSU\)
      Leave Anonymous/Public Logon unchecked!
    • Click Finish (but unfortunately you're really not).
    • Highlight the Site just created and click Edit.
    • Click WebDav tab
    • Uncheck HTTP Keep-Alives box
      Select Authentication Scheme: Basic
      Check Use Secure HTTPS, click Save.
    • Highlight the Site and click Mount.
      Your Knox folder is ready to use.

Can I use WebDrive from off campus?

No. Webdrive is licensed for use on the MSU-Bozeman campus only. Other users may purchase individual licenses from

How do I add my Knox folders to WebDrive?

  1. Open WebDrive.
  2. Click New Site.
  3. Select Connect by Server Type. [NEXT]
  4. Select Server Type WebDAV and check the Connect Securely box. [NEXT]
  5. Enter the URL to your Knox Folder.
    Ensure that the Use Default Port checkbox is checked. [NEXT]
  6. Click [NEXT] to bypass the Certificate Settings page. We do not use Certificates to connect to Knox.
  7. Enter MSU domain username and password. Usernames must start with MSU\. Check the Save Password box if desired. [NEXT]
  8. Enter a name for the Site and Select an unused drive letter. [Next]
  9. Check the Connect to Site now checkbox.
    If desired, check the Connect at login/startup checkbox. [FINISH]

Is it OK to check the Save Password box?

Yes, but remember that anybody who uses your computer now has access to your WebDrive sites. Always lock your screen when you step away from your computer.

Does WebDrive support file locking?

Yes, WebDrive does have the ability to lock files that are presently in use by another user. To enable file locking:

  1. Open WebDrive and highlight the desired site name.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. Highlight DAV, under Connection.
  4. Check both the Enable Auto DAV locking box and the Use DAV lock to check if user has Write access to file box.

When Auto DAV locking is enabled, locked files will show ~? as the first two characters of the file name.
Example: ~?Bio10grades.xls

What version of WebDrive should I be running?

Window users should be running WebDrive version 10 or 10.1.

Mac users should be running WebDrive version 2.2.

How do I upgrade WebDrive?

If you are running WebDrive 8, you must uninstall before installing WebDrive 10. If you are running Webdrive 9, you can simply install WebDrive 10.

I just changed my password. Why am I getting an "Unauthorized" error when connecting to Knox with WebDrive?

WebDrive stores your passwords. When you change your password, you have to remember to change your password for each WebDrive Site.

How do I change my passwords in WebDrive?

Open WebDrive. Highlight each site name on the left side, and change it's password in the lower-right corner.

Why can't I login?

The most common problem is forgetting to place the MSU domain name in front of your username when logging in.

Usernames must be preceded by MSU\

Why do I get a Not Authorized error?

Possible causes:
  • Your access is not set up correctly.
  • You are trying to access the wrong Knox folder.
Send email to for help with troubleshooting.

Why do I get a Cannot Connect to Server error?

Possible cause:
  • Your access is not set up correctly.
Send email to for help with troubleshooting.

Why do I get a The page cannot be found error? Page up

You may be using the wrong folder name and the name you are using does not exist.
Double-check the name of your assigned folder.

Why does the username/password box keep popping up?

Possible causes:
  1. You are using the wrong password.
  2. Your password has expired or your expired password has been cached by your browser.

How do I clear passwords saved by my browser?

To clear cached passwords in Firefox:

  1. Under Tools on the menu bar, click Clear Private Data.
  2. Check the Saved Passwords box.
  3. Click the Clear Private Data Now button.

To clear cached passwords in Internet Explorer:

  1. Under Tools on the menu bar, click Internet Options.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Under Browsing History, click Delete.
  4. Click Delete Passwords.

To clear cached passwords in Safari:

  1. Under the History tab, click "Clear History "(NOTE: This also clears browsing history.)

Why am I getting a Licensing error?

This is a WebDrive error that occurs when the WebDrive trial period expires.

Solution: Activate WebDrive to fix the problem. The WebDrive activation key can be found at

How do I tell if WebDrive is installed and running?

The WebDrive icon WebDrive icon imagewill appear in your Windows tray if WebDrive is running.

How do I start WebDrive?

To start WebDrive:
  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Programs.
  3. Click WebDrive, then click WebDrive.

Why can't I see my WebDrive folders?

Possible cause:
  • You aren't connected to your site although your access is set up correctly.
  1. Check that WebDrive is running.
  2. Right-click on the WebDrive iconWebDrive icon image in your Windows tray.
  3. Choose Connect to and highlight the name of your site.

See the WebDrive install notes for help with initial installation and set up of WebDrive.

What is Genesis?

Genesis is simply an alias for Knox. (Knox and Genesis are the same server.)

I still have questions. Who do I ask?Page up arrow. top

Email questions to or call the ITC Help Desk at 406.994.1777.