WILD 504 - Wildlife-Habitat Relationships


This course will be offered in spring semesters of even years.

In Spring 2018, it is scheduled on M/W 11 am-12:15 pm.

We will develop a conceptual and practical understanding of habitat and wildlife-habitat relationships. The course will be comprised of two general sections: 

  1. readings and discussion (oral and written) of relevant papers to build a conceptual understanding about habitat, habitat selection, and wildlife-habitat relationships and
  2. reading, lectures, and data-based assignments to understand the application and limitations of the diversity of analytical tools to quantify habitat characteristics, resource selection, and wildlife-habitat relationships.

All readings and assignments are posted on the course website on Brightspace/D2L (login at http://ecat.montana.edu).

My office hours for Spring are Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30 pm (office in 302 Lewis).

This class is supported by DataCamp, which provides numerous hands-on courses to help learn R and other software. DataCamp logo