Gaines Hall

Current faculty:

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Arabic faculty:

Anas Alsayed Suliman

Anas Alsayed Suliman, Instructor of Arabic, Director of the U.S. Arabic Distance Learning Network
Office: Gaines 118B;  Phone: 406-994-6459;  Email:


Chinese faculty:

Yalin Du
, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Hua Li
, Associate Professor of Chinese, Coordinator of Chinese Section
Office: Gaines 118A;  Phone: 406-994-6449;  Email:
Research Interests:  Contemporary Chinese Literature; Su Tong and Yu Hua's coming-of-age stories; contemporary Chinese army-writer fictions


Philip Williams
, Teaching Professor of Chinese and Japan Studies
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:
Research Interests: Chinese and Japanese literature and culture; Monsoon Asian civilization; Chinese language and migration studies


French faculty:

Ada Giusti
, Professor of French, Coordinator of French Section
Office: Gaines 117B;  Phone: 406-994-6442;  Email:
Research Interests: International service learning; Contemporary French Civilization (immigration, poverty, French NGOs).


Pascale Hickman
, Associate Teaching Professor of French
Office: Gaines 117C;  Phone: 406-994-6444;  Email: 


Brigitte Morris
, Assistant Teaching Professor of French
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


German faculty:

Karoline Krauss
, Teaching Professor of German, Coordinator of German Studies
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Liana McKelvy
, Instructor of German
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Yvonne Toepfer
, Visiting Assistant Professor of German
Office: Gaines 118F;  Phone: 406-994-5502;  Email:


Japanese faculty:


Yuka Hara, Assistant Teaching Professor of Japanese, Curriculum Coordinator of Japanese Language Instruction
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Peter Tillack
, Associate Professor of Japanese, Coordinator of Asian Studies
Office: Gaines 118D;  Phone: 406-994-6441;  Email:
Research Interests: Modern & contemporary Japanese literature; literary/filmic representations of social space during Japan's "economic miracle"


Spanish faculty:

Galen Brokaw
, Department Head, Coordinator of Spanish Section
Office: Gaines 117A;  Phone: 406-994-6448;  Email:
Research Interests: Colonial Latin America and Early Modern Spain, Indigenous Latin American cultures, the Andean khipu, Mesoamerican iconography, indigenismo, critical theory, translation


Patricia Catoira
, Associate Professor of Spanish, Coordinator of Latin American & Latino Studies Program
Office: Gaines 118C;  Phone: 406-994-4447;  Email:
Research Interests: Latin American literature and culture; Cuba (antislavery narratives, exile, Special Period); National identity; Women's and gender studies; Print culture; Latin American migration to and cultural production in Spain since the 1990s


Gillian Cleary
, Instructor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Heidi Dayhuff
, Instructor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


Veronica Garcia Moreno
, Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-6445;  Email:


Bridget Kevane
, Professor of Spanish, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the College of Letters and Science
Office: Wilson 2-265;  Phone: 406-994-6446;  Email:
Research Interests: Latino/a Studies, especially literature, and cultural expressions of faith and spirituality in this literature


James Martin
, Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 115B;  Phone: 406-994-6447;  Email:
Research Interests: Travel and tourism; U.S.-Latin American relations; modern Latin American history; Latin American literature



Sally Sanchez, Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5136;  Email:


John Thompson
, Associate Professor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118E;  Phone: 406-994-6445;  Email:


Thomas Walsh
, Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish
Office: Gaines 118;  Phone: 406-994-5502;  Email:




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