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HACCP and PCQI Classes

The MMEC is offering 2 different classes this summer for food manufacturers.
  • PCQI- Preventive Controls Qualified Individual
  • HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

This year the FDA has made significant changes to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that will go into effect this September, 2016. Among these changes are the Preventive Controls for Human Food the requires food facilities to have safety plans in place to identify and minimize hazards. Food safety is not new to members of the food processing supply chain, but FSMA changes the playing field quite a bit.

It is **IMPERATIVE** that every food manufacturing have someone on staff who has completed a Preventive Controls for Human Food class.  It is REQUIRED by the government to have this training for staff and implement these changes into your company.  We cannot stress enough the legal importance of having a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI).

The other class offered is the 1 day HACCP Plan Development Assistance which will prepare your company more adequately for food safety regulations.  Is is highly suggested to have the HACCP class as a precursor to the PCQI class, so your company can adjust better to the changes and be more prepared when this goes into effect.  Again, this class will prepare your company and staff for government required changes made this year! 

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HACCP Classes (2nd day optional)

PCQI Classes                

Training - A "LEAP" You Need to Make!


This is the place where Montana Manufacturers get information about the tools and knowledge to help their companies Learn, Evolve, Act, and Profit (LEAP) in today's competitive manufacturing and business environment. Also check out sources of training grants that might be helpful as you grow your business: Worker Training assistance.

MMEC Public Training Events

Select MMEC public training sessions appropriate for manufacturers, job shops and other small businesses are listed below.

Special 10% Discount per person when company is member of the Montana Chamber/MT Manufacturing Council or when you take advantage of joint MMEC/Associated Employer training or projects.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Two Montana grant programs assist with workforce training

GOOD NEWS! The IWT Program through the Montana Department of Labor (DOL) has been renewed in the recent Legislative Session. Fund will be available soon. IWT makes available up to $2000 each for training of full-time employees and up to $1000 for part-time employees for companies with 20 or fewer employees. If you are a Montana company that has been in business for more than 1 year, contact your local MMEC Field Engineer for more information about applying for training programs for your staff. Or you may contact your local Montana Job Service, SBDC representative or the Montana Department of Commerce local BEAR team about how to apply. After completing forms that are provided, they must be submitted to and reviewed by your BEAR, SBDC or MMEC team before they go to Montana Department of Labor.

The Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant program is a state-funded program that provides grant funds to businesses for training of new full-time and part-time jobs.Click the heading for guidelines and other pertinent information.

More About MMEC Training

Lean Progression

MMEC can customize training for you and your workforce. These can be conducted on-site to enhance the results of a broader project or may be offered in public sessions across Montana. While we are well-known for our Lean and Internal Quality Auditor workshops, we do so much more. And we've added to our arsenal with Strategic Growth Planning: (1H2P) and customized Leadership training and a new Lean for Office and Adminstration that uses today's technology! We can customize other training to augment your growth plans and continuous improvements. We also assist in finding additional training resources to fit your needs.

As part of our signature LEAN training, here's how we can lead you through a progression of training and specific projects that result in continuous improvement and an effective Lean culture:

MMEC periodically announces scheduled events through our e-newsletter and event notifications. Learn more...

Customized Training for your Company


MMEC field staff can recommend the training best suited to help you meet your long-term goals. We can develop a customized training plan and a related project plan that ensure the principles learned are applied in your manufacturing operation to optimize the ROI on continuous improvement.

If MMEC doesn't offer the training you are looking for, as a service to you, we will find someone to provide the training you need. Contact the MMEC Field Engineer in your area, if you are interested in having MMEC design a customized training program for your company.

General Questions

If you have any general questions or concerns related to this or other MMEC training, please contact MMEC phone (406) 994-3812.

What Clients Say About MMEC Training

Record breaking production months went so smoothly the numbers surprised staff at McDantim Gas Blending Technology. "It all started a decade ago after our first introduction to Lean in MMEC's Lean "Buzz" training simulation."
-- Dan Fallon, President