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Law Enforcement Staff

Robert Putzke Robert Putzke
Director and Chief
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-3220

I began my university police career as a dispatcher and student security officer in Houston, TX at Rice University in 1982. I became a police officer there in February 1984 and promoted to Sergeant in 1989. In 1993, I promoted to Assistant Chief at Stephen F. Austin University in East Texas, spending 11 years there. I became Chief at MSU in February 2004. Having spent over 25 years working at three different Universities, I feel qualified to say that MSU is the best University in the nation and the MSU Police Department has to be the best group of officers and staff to work for period! Also, I wouldn't trade living and working in Montana for anywhere else in the world! My family and I enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and whitewater rafting every chance we get.

Assistant Chief Mark Lachapelle

Mark Lachapelle
Assistant Chief
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-6210

I began my law enforcement career with the Bozeman Police Department in July 1990.  I have served our community as a patrol officer, detective, Sergeant, Operations Deputy Chief and Investigations Deputy Chief.  I have served as a DARE Instructor and have worked with the School Safety Program (K-5) in the Bozeman Public Schools.  I have also been a member of the City/County tactical team and a department instructor for Use of Force, firearms, Pepper Spray and Taser.  I became Assistant Chief at MSU in September 2009 and appreciate the opportunity to continue to work in our community and with the members of the university community as well as this fine department and our partner law enforcement agencies.  Outside of work, I enjoy the many recreational activities offered in the Bozeman area with golf, camping, skiing and ice hockey being some of my preferred activities with my family. 


Thomas Bonnell Thomas Bonnell Patrol Sergeant
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1201

I came to Montana in 2003 after a tour in the U.S. Army Infantry.  My major while attending MSU is in history.  I have been with MSU Police for seven years and my current position is Patrol Sergeant. I am also a firearms instructor and law enforcement bicycle patrol  instructor. In my spare time I enjoy bow hunting, fly fishing, and reading.

Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley
Detective Sergeant
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1203

I am a native of Virginia, but Montana has been my home for over ten years now. I began working for the department in 2000 in the Parking Services division. In 2004 I applied for a sworn position and was lucky to be offered a position. I hold several law enforcement instructor certifications and thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning new skills. In 2009 I was promoted to Sergeant. My hobbies include mountain biking, scuba diving, fishing and metal working.

Force Tolar Force Tolar Patrol Sergeant
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1207

I am a native of Seattle and have lived in Montana for eleven years. My major while attending MSU is in History/Education. I served in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman. Concerning my law enforcement experience, I have served over three and a half years as a Deputy Sheriff in Gallatin County and am approaching five years of service as an MSU Police Officer. I am currently assigned to the patrol division as a Patrol Sergeant. Furthermore, I am a certified fire/arson investigator, bike patrol officer, firearms instructor and ethics instructor. Away from work I enjoy hunting, outdoor activities, and camping with my wife and young son.

Matt Wemple Matt Wemple
Patrol Sergeant
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1215

A Louisiana native, I began my law enforcement career in 1997 with the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Police Department. On graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 1999 I hired on with the Lafayette City Police Department where I served as a patrolman. Longing to live in the mountain west my entire life I was very lucky to begin working for the MSUPD in 2002. There is no better law enforcement agency or community to work for. Since 2003 I have served as a patrol sergeant. I earned my Master’s Degree in Public Administration from MSU in 2007. In addition to supervisory duties I am a Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics/Taser Instructor and LEBA certified Mountain Bike Patrol Instructor. Outside of Law Enforcement I have served two tours in Iraq with the Montana National Guard. Outside of the department I am an avid hunter, angler, and writer.

Ashlee Peery
Police Officer
E-mail: Phone: (406) 994-1204

Originally from Southern California, I came to Bozeman in 2006. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Fish and Wildlife Management in 2010 from MSU. I have been heavily involved in the scientific community at MSU. I have worked with several agencies dealing with owls, bears, ungulates, snowshoe hare and various avian species. I began working for the department in May 2012 as a 911 dispatcher and was hired as a Patrol Officer with the MSU Police in August 2012. I love my job every day and look forward to carrying out my career here in beautiful Bozeman. On my free time, I am an avid hiker/backpacker. I love to off-road, camp, fish, kayak and explore new places.

Amy Brooke Amy Ross
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1206

I started my career in Law Enforcement at the MSU Police Department in 2006. I worked patrol for 5.5 years, then became a detective with the Department. I am the Adopt-a-Cop for the sororities, am a certified Field Training Officer,  a certified Crime Scene Manager, an evidence processing technician, and a public education and community outreach specialist. I investigate violent crimes against people and major property crimes, with my primary focus being sex crimes and escalated relationship violence. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from MSU. When I’m not working, I love to hike with my husband, fish, travel, bake, and spend time with friends.

Britt Brupacher

Britt Brupbacher
Police Officer
E-mail: Phone: (406) 994-1205

I began my law enforcement career as a Montana Game Warden for approximately 4 years before deciding to change things up and move to MSUPD. I have been an officer with MSUPD since August 2011. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management from U of M and am currently studying Exercise Science here at MSU. When I’m not working, I’m often hiking, camping, biking, hunting, or fishing

Brian Dickerson

Brian Dickerson
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1208

I came to Montana State University to earn a degree after completing my enlistment in the US Army.  I graduated in Justice Studies and enjoyed working on ranches in the region throughout college and afterwards.  While working as a Deputy Sheriff in Sweet Grass County I built a respectable herd of cattle and horses.  It is an honor to have been hired to be an MSU Police Officer, serving and protecting in this great community.  In my off time you may find me on the back of a horse working cows or dragging calves.

Ben Sevilla

Steve Doner
Police Officer Phone: (406) 994-7263

I am a Montana native and began my law enforcement career in the United States Air Force in 1994.  I became a Peace Officer in the State of Montana in 2006 while serving with the Dillon Police Department and Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office where I had been working in patrol.  I will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree while working at Montana State University.  I have been a member of the United State Air Force Reserve since 2004.  I am honored to have been selected in 2013 to serve as a police officer at Montana State University.  Outside of work I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.   

Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen
Police Officer Phone: (406) 994-1229

I joined the MSU Police Department from Wyoming.  I’ve been in law enforcement since 1997 and have served in many specialties as an officer including detective, crime scene investigator, evidence custodian, SWAT officer, bike officer, and mounted patrol officer, among others.  My hobbies are spending time with my family, wood carving, fly fishing, mountain biking, and about any other outdoor activity.

Randy Schmautz

Randy Schmautz
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1209

I am a 26 year law enforcement veteran and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree.  I worked 25 years with the Bozeman Police Department where I served as a Detective, Field Training Officer, Taser Instructor and Motorcycle Officer.  I retired from there in 2010 to join the Montana State University Police Department.  I joined the Adopt-a-Cop program immediately because I believe in the concept of promoting positive relationships between the police and students.  I am still a Taser Instructor and enjoy teaching.  In my off hours I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, camping, sports, movies and working with youth.  I look forward to many more years of service with the University Police.         

Angela Smith

Angela Roundtree
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1248

I am a Montana Native.  I graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Sociology and a Justice Option.   I have been a police officer since 2006 and have been with the MSU Police Department since 2010.  I am a patrol officer with MSU Police Department and the Adopt-a-Cop in Hannon Hall.   

Constantine Vorobetz

Constantine Vorobetz
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1210

My education includes a bachelor of Science from Montana State University in Health and Human Development and a Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati. As an undergraduate I played football for the MSU Bobcats (strong safety). I have six years experience in Law Enforcement and six years working in the corrections field as a probation and parole officer.

Ty Williams

Ty Williams
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1202

I began my career in law enforcement with the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona where I worked for 5 years in Patrol. During my time with Navajo County I became a General Instructor and a Field Training Officer.  Prior to working for Navajo County, I spent 6 years in the Arizona National Guard where I was deployed to Iraq for approximately one year.  I started with MSU Police in February of 2012.  When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time hunting, fishing, camping and anything else in the outdoors. 

Thad Winslow Thad Winslow
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1225

I have been with the Montana State University Police Department since 2007 and am the Residence Hall Officer for Roskie Hall.

Ben Sevilla Aaron Baldwin
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1228

I began my law enforcement in May 2007 for the Waco Police Department in Waco, TX. While there I served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor and SWAT Officer. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, red dirt music and watching the Houston Texans.

Jayson Hincks
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1216

I am originally from Idaho and moved to Montana after serving 9 years active duty in the Marine Corps. I am currently working towards a degree in Fish and Wildlife Ecology here at MSU. In my free time I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding or any other outdoor activity.

Ben Sevilla

Brad Bichler
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1213

I am originally from Jacksonville, FL  and began my Law Enforcement career there with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office in 2005.  As a Deputy I worked in patrol, training and youth services.  In 2009 I was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Robbery/Homicide Unit.  I am fortunate enough to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world and we have been blessed with three sons.  We are rarely inside and enjoy spending time hunting, fishing and working with horses.   

Ben Sevilla

Steve Keim
Police Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-1242

I am a Montana native and a graduate of MSU Bozeman with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with a Criminal Justice Emphasis.  I have been a member of the Montana National Guard and United States Reserve for 28 years.  I began my law enforcement career with the Bozeman Police Department in 1992 and served as a patrol officer and school resource officer.  I became a police officer at MSU in 2013 and appreciate the opportunity to continue to work in Bozeman and the Montana State University community.  Outside of work I enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities Bozeman has to offer with my family such as skiing, fishing and hunting.   

Office Staff

Kristine Mashaw Kristine Mashaw
Police Administrative Manager
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-5428

Brittany Nickolay Brittany Nickolay
Lead Communications Safety Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-2121

Lana Fellows Caitlin Barker
Communications Safety Officer Phone: (406) 994-2121

Lana Fellows Lana Fellows
Communications Safety Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-2121

Brandy Hart Brandy Hart
Communications Safety Officer Phone: (406) 994-2121

Lana Fellows

Amber Olson
Communications Safety Officer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-2121

Jami Sanddal Jami Sanddal
Communications Safety Officer -- Phone: (406) 994-2121

Ben Sevilla Kathryn Wiley
Communications Safety Officer -- Phone: (406) 994-2121

Parking Services Staff

Kurt Blunck Kurt Blunck
Parking Services Manager
E-mail: kurt.blunck -- Phone: (406) 994-7747

Ron Brekke Ron Brekke
Parking Services Supervisor
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-7943
I lived in Bozeman until I graduated from MSU in 1974 with a BS degree in I&ME. I was in the Army for 2 years stationed in AZ. I worked at various manufacturing plants for 13 years in different states for the same company. After a corporation merger and layoff of employees I changed careers to sales and marketing for 14 years in CA. I returned to Montana and started working at MSU in August 2004 as a Parking Enforcement Officer. My outdoor activities include hiking and snowshoeing.

Don Bolick Don Bolick
Parking Services
E-mail: Phone: (406) 994-7943

Andrew Greer Andrew Greer
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-7045

Ben Sevilla Aaron McCardle
Parking Services
E-mail: Phone: (406) 994-7943

Sue Lessley Susan (Sue) Lessley
Information Kiosk Manager
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 994-7045
I am a Bozeman native and have worked at MSU for 27 years. I have two children and five grandchildren. My hobbies are bowling, camping, traveling, and reading.


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