The nomination period is now closed. Check back next fall! 

The Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant is a unique affirming grant, which may be bestowed upon a Montana State University undergraduate in recognition of their potential for success as an emerging scholar. Unlike other similarly prestigious awards, selection is not based on academic performance, scholarly research, campus involvement or financial need. Rather, the Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant requires just one simple criterion -- potential.

Engaged professors and advisors are in the best position to recognize a student's potential and often witness the challenges a student faces. In addition, students often underestimate their talent and abilities. Often, it takes someone to believe in them before they believe in themselves. Be the catalyst for a student's achievements by nominating a student for a Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant.

Nominations are being received on behalf of the Vice President of Student Success, which prepares nominations for committee and Presidential review and consideration.

For more information and term deadlines, read the Emerging Scholars Quick Guide. 

If you have questions about the program, or suggestions on improving the Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant nomination process, please email

Nomination/Grant Guidelines & Nomination Form

  1. All undergraduate students in good standing are eligible recipients for this grant. A Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant is not a scholarship.
  2. Nominations for the Presidential Emerging Scholar Grant shall be made by members of the faculty and staff who will actively provide oversight, support and mentor the student through the completion of the project. Nominations will be submitted in the fall of each academic year. 
  3. Nominations will be reviewed for criteria compliance with recommendations forwarded to the President. The University President has final granting authority.
  4. The amount of the grant will be dependent upon the opportunity, the need and the documented benefit to the student.