If you are new to our department (freshman, transfer student, change of major) please contact the College of Letters and Science Social Sciences Advisor, Katie Gahagan. Schedule an appointment with Katie here:https://www.montana.edu/scheduler/login/student/?fac=17944

 As a new student in our department, your Academic Advisor will be Katie Gahagan for your first year. During your second year, you will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor based on your last name, using the system below. Your Advisor is able to help you with a variety of issues, such as course scheduling, degree requirements, class registration, graduation, career advising, and can provide information on potential Graduate Schools. To make an appointment with your Advisor, please contact them directly. If your assigned advisor is unavailable, you may contact another advisor for assistance.

Student Last Name Begins With: Faculty Advisor:
A - B Dr. Michael Babcock
C - E Dr. Ian Handley
F - G Dr. Neha John-Henderson
H - J Dr. Michelle Meade
K - L Dr. Brandon Scott
M Dr. Monica Skewes
N - Q Dr. Keith Hutchison
R - S Dr. Benjamin Oosterhoff
T - Z Dr. Cara Palmer


Faculty Contact Information and Office Hours:

Fall 2019: (Offices located in Traphagen unless otherwise stated)

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Your Baccalaureate Degree Application is due the semester before you plan to graduate.  Meet with your Faculty Advisor to discuss degree requirements and class options.  

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