Concentrations:Katie Poppler

Adolescent Development

Social Psychology

Degree(s) Held and Sought:

B.S. in Psychology, Minor in English Literature (2018), Montana State University 

M.S. in Adolescent Development (in progress), Montana State University

PhD in Adolescent Development (in progress), Montana State University

Preferred Email Address:

[email protected]


Dr. Brandon Scott

Research Interests:

My research details the impact of discrimination against adolescents, with special attention toward marginalized populations nationwide. I also investigate civic engagement in adolescents and aim at understanding the consequences of specific action on subjective development.


I assisted the Domestic Preparedness Assistance Center in developing a grant that gave funding to local volunteer fire departments to bolster their recruitment and retention campaigns. I worked as Research and Development Coordinator, Media Coordinator, Grant Coordinator, Program Manager, and Direct Outreach Coordinator in my time working for the nonprofit. 

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Oosterhoff, B., Whillock, S., Sanders, C., & Poppler, A. (2021). Longitudinal Associations between Civic Action and Character Strengths: A Daily Diary Study. Journal of Positive Psychology.


Palmer, C. A., Powell, S. L., Deutchman, D. R., Tinztman, C., Poppler, A., Oosterhoff, B. (2021). Sleepy and secluded: sleep disturbances are associated with connectedness in early adolescent social networks. Journal of Research on Adolescence. Advance online publication.


Oosterhoff, B., Alvis, L., Deutchman, D., Poppler, A. & Palmer, C. A. (in press). Civic development within the peer context: Associations between early adolescent social connectedness and civic engagement. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.


Oosterhoff, B., Poppler, A., Hill, R.M., Fitzgerald, H., & Shook, N.J. (2021). Understanding the costs and benefits of politics among adolescents within a sociocultural context. Infant and Child Development: Prenatal, childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood.


Oosterhoff, B., Poppler, A., & Palmer, C.A. (under review). Early adolescent political tribalism: Peer network homophily in political attitudes and values. Psychological Science.

Paper and Poster COnference Presentations:

Poppler, A., Whillock, S. R., Sanders, C., & Oosterhoff, B. (March 2020). Longitudinal associations between civic action and character strengths: A daily diary study. Poster accepted for the Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting, San Diego, CA. Biennial Meeting Cancelled.


Whillock, S. R., Poppler, A., Sanders, C., & Oosterhoff, B. (December 2019). Longitudinal associations between civic action and character strengths: A daily diary study. Bozeman, MT. Poster presented at the Montana State University Student Research Celebration.


Poppler, A. & Oosterhoff, B. (Under Review). Understanding adolescents’ experiences of ageism: variation by gender and race. Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting.

Mentored Undergraduate Research Presentations:

Rearden, K., Haden, L., Poppler, A., & Oosterhoff, B. (March 2020). The Emotional Costs and Benefits of Politics: Implications for Adolescent Political Development. Bozeman, MT. Poster to be presented at the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research. Conference Cancelled. 

Guest Lectures:

PSYX 230 – Developmental Psychology, Montana State University, “Infant Cognition and Language Development”

Professional Memberships:

Society for Research on Adolescence (Spring 2020-Present)