Degrees Held:Suzanna Powell

B.S., Psychology, James Madison University (2012) 

M.S., Psychological Science, Montana State University (2014)

Degree Sought:

Ph.D., Psychological Science


Developmental & Cognitive Psychology

Preferred Email Address:

[email protected]


Dr. Cara Palmer

Research Interests:

I am interested in lifespan development of executive control, emotion regulation, affective disorders, and sleep.  

Awards and Grants:

Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education Research Fellow, Fall 2020  

PhD Enhancement Fellowship, Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 

College of Letters and Sciences Research Travel Grant, Montana State University, Spring 2020 

College of Letters and Sciences Online Course Development Grant, Montana State University, Summer 2016  


Powell, S. L., Bower, J. L., Alfano, C. A., & Palmer, C. A. (2020, March). Situation selection as an emotion regulation strategy in adolescence: Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations with depression and anxiety. Poster accepted* for presentation at the Society for Research on Adolescence, San Diego, CA.  

Deutchman, D., Powell, S.L., Oosterhoff, B., & Palmer, C. A. (2020, March). Sleep disturbances and interpersonal needs: Between-person and within-person associations. Poster accepted* for presentation at the Society for Research on Adolescence, San Diego, CA. 

Powell, S. L., Alfano, C. A, Brewer, J., Palmer, C. A. (2019, June) Childhood Sleep Patterns Predict Maladaptive Responses to Hurricane Harvey in Adolescence. Oral Presentation at American Professional Sleep Societies Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.  

Olsen, M., Powell, S.L., & Hutchison, K. (2017, April). Enhancing proactive control using probabilistic cues: evidence from Stroop effects, flanker effects, and negative priming.  Invited Symposium Talk presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  

Powell, S. L., Bugg., J. (2015, April). The Flexible Control of Prospective Memory Monitoring in Response to Complex Cues. Poster session presented at Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.