The Good Neighbor Committee (GNC) is a collaborative effort between Montana State University, the City of Bozeman and other community partners. Our focus is promoting positive neighborly behaviors and encouraging engagement between community residents and students.

Public Service Announcements

The Good Neighbor Committee, with help from KGLT, produced several public service announcements featuring recognizeable Bozeman residents. The PSA's encourage positive neighborly behaviors.

Good Neighbor Door hangers

The Good Neighbor Committee facilitates three annual "good neighbor" door hanger campaigns. Door hangers are delivered to neighborhoods that have been identified as having a high concentration of students living among full time residents. The door hangers include information about city code compliance topics such as parking regulations, snow shoveling and proper disposal of unwanted household items.  Other topics covered include using the Streamline bus service, MSU's code of conduct for students, informing neighbors of party plans, campus winter parking information, fire safety and more.  We want to thank local businesses including Joe's Parkway Market and Starbucks for providing tear off coupons for the door hangers.

Parent Off Campus Living Webinar

Each year, the GNC in cooperation with the Parent/Family Association and the Dean of Students Office presents a webinar to parents of freshman that are eligible to move off campus the following academic year.  The webinar covers topics such as finding and securing off campus housing, reading a lease, do's and don'ts of leasing and maintaining an off campus home or apartment, tips on finding a good roommate, sophomore and above on campus housing options, fire safety, hoe the code of conduct applies off campus and MSU and Bozeman Police departments tips on being a good neighbor.

Committee Members
Tanya Andreasen Co-Chair/City Neighborhood Coordinator
Amy Kanuch Co-Chair/MSU Community Relations
Officer Amy Brooke MSU Police
Taylor Blossom ASMSU Local Government Liaison
Ellie Staley  Downtown Bozeman Association
Katelyn Gaffri Greek Life Representative
Laurynn Olson MSU Office of Student Activities and Engagement
Maddie Weisz Neighborhood Association Representative
Kevin O'Brien Peak Property Management - Property Manager Rep
vacant Bozeman City Police Department
Vacant  MSU Residence Life 
Mark Carpenter Bozeman City Police Department-Code Compliance
Erin MacDonald Peck MSU Dean of Students (Parent/Family Assoc.)
Tricia Wolford Bozeman City Fire Department