September 20th 2016

  • Fundraising $400-$500 for QSA—Sunday, Sept. 25th
    • Cleaning up after the football game 
    • Need at least 8 people
  • Involvement Fair—Monday, Sept. 26th at 10-3pm
    • QSA representatives will come and showcase what our club is about
    • Need at least 2 people per time slot
  • LGBTQ Panels—Sept. 27th at 4:30-5:45pm
    • For the Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality class
    • Come and talk about your experience as an LGBTQ individual!
    • Need at least 2 more people 
  • Drag Show volunteer opportunity—October 8th
    • Need people for set up, tear down, and ticket sales
    • The more people there are, the easier and faster it will be!
  • LGBTQ Mentors Program
    • Want to be a mentor or mentee?Email
    • The goal is to pair individuals with similar experiences and identities, who can mentally/emotionally and socially support each other. Also just a great opportunity to get to know some cool people!