I would like to welcome you to the Residence Hall Association of Montana State University. My Name is Tannur Oakes, and I am the campus president for RHA. I am a Montana boy from Bridger, MT and, I am in my senior year majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. The great research and professors here are what helped make my choice of attending MSU like many of my classmates.
Picture of Tannur

RHA is a great organization that allows students to get initially involved with MSU. Many of the students that have worked within RHA go on to become Resident Advisors, Assistant Resident Directors, ASMSU Senators and many other leaders who all work toward the goal of making MSU the best place to live and go to school.

For those who are involved or want to become involved you should know that you are the voice of your floor, hall, and collectively the voice of all the students that live on campus. Along with that, being in RHA also allows you to host fun events and improve your halls with many upgrades such as TVs, gym equipment, and kitchen supplies.

Lastly, it is my responsibility as the campus RHA president to represent the students living on campus, and if there is anything you feel will make me represent you in a better way please contact me at tannur.oakes@gmail.com.

I hope you come to feel that the residence halls are your home just as much as I feel these buildings are my home.

Respectfully yours,

Tannur Oakes