Basic Course Information

Final exam is at 4:00pm on Thursday December 15th in 306 Lewis, mainly essay questions on genetic approaches to conservation, but will have  few short answer review questions on very major facts and concepts. Study guide posted in genetic approaches section at bottom

Class Scores are here.

MWF 12:00- 12:50, Lewis Hall Room 306.


Dr Scott Creel 311-A Lewis Hall, Phone: 994-7033. Email:


Egil Droge, AJM Johnson Room 7 (in the basement). Email: Egil will conduct regular help sessions for the use of R and questions on class material on Thursday at 2:00 in the Ecology library, and is available to help with these at other times by appointment.

Undergrad TA

Noah Bosworth. Email: (best contact). Phone (207)-629-7649 (not preferred). Noah will assist Egil at the help sessions and is available for help after 1:00 on Fridays and between 10:00 and 5:00 on Thursdays.

Office Hours

TH 10-12, W 2-3. I am always happy to answer questions immediately after class, by email, or by appointment at other times.


The reading will be a mix of journal articles and textbook chapters. Required reading (journal articles, book chapters) that does not come from the textbook will be linked from this web page (links in the syllabus below). The textbook is Conservation of Wildlife Populations, 2nd edition by L.S. Mills  (Blackwell Publishing, ISBN 978-0-470-67149-8).