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Energy (Understanding Mineral Rights, Oil and Gas Leasing, Owning Leased Oil and Gas Minerals)

 Economic Analysis of Installing Wind Turbines for Irrigation Systems

This spreadsheet allows a user to analyze the cost effectiveness of three different sizes of wind turbines installed to run an irrigation system.  The user is allowed/required to enter specific costs estimates for each size of turbine considered.  These costs include both the capital costs (tower, turbine, site preparation, concrete pad, etc.) and the annual operating costs for each size of turbine.   This spreadsheet estimates pump size by type of irrigation system (up to four different types of systems) and the number of acres irrigated, the amount of electricity generated by turbine size and the potential benefits associated with net metering for each turbine size considered.  The Net Present Value (NPV) for each of the three turbine sizes across each of four types of irrigation systems is listed using both an economic analysis and a financial analysis approach to calculating NPV.  The analysis period is up to 30 years.