Sophomore Surge Mentors are leaders who will be trained, supported, and empowered to shape the futures of the next incoming Freshman class throughout their first year of college in order to Surge students into their sophomore year.

Requirements to be a Surge Mentor:

  • an MSU student in their 2nd year or higher
  • Successful completion of University Seminar (US) Core 
  • Good academic standing
  • Completion of online application which includes contact info of two (2) references from the MSU community 

Surge Mentors will mentor a small group of (15-18) incoming Freshmen through partnership with CLS 101US- Knowledge and Community; or US 101- First Year Seminar, both 3-credit University Seminar (US) Core courses required of incoming Freshmen. Mentors will attend all class meetings of a designated section of CLS 101 or US 101 for the entire semester to serve as Surge Mentor for that group of students as well as engage those students in out-of-class activities and events. 

Upcoming Events: